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Our Online Charter School Experience

A big success for us was to change location every so often. This was Math on the Deck.

A big success for us was to change location every so often. This was Math on the Deck.

I decided to enroll my son in an online charter school last year. I really did not know what I was getting into, until we started the school year in September 2011. If I had known the measure of work and commitment involved, I might have thought twice. I was his learning coach, the administrator of his online account and his Mom, all in one day. It scared the living daylights out of me. I kept wandering if I had made a huge mistake.

After the initial shock, mixed with a healthy dose of fear, I decided that I was not a quitter. How could I give up? That would be sending my son the wrong message. He counted on me to pull him through, guide him, support him and ultimately teach him. Thank heavens I am a stubborn person, and methodical.

I decided to get organised and connected.
First things first, I had to organise our work space so that we could breath, move and work.
I put our home room teacher on speed dial. I think I drove her batty, but she was amazing!
I actually read the parent handbook. Yawn! It did help alot to understand what was expected of us.
Then we just took it slow. One day at a time.

I made many mistakes, and cried a little, threw pencils on the floor in frustration, and cursed Algebra daily. I tried to be creative with lessons, and tapped into my wacky side to keep it all as light as possible.

When the State testing dates arrived, I cringed, because this was the true measure for us both. Did we do all the work? Did we do it correctly? What would I do if my son failed? If he failed, it would all be on me. It was nerve racking to say the least.

My little man walked out of each testing session, Math, Science and Reading, saying that he felt confident. He was right, and passed all subjects with flying colors, right on target. We did it together, as a team. I am so proud of him, my cheeks hurt from all the smiling.

Ok, so it is a new year, and we are in 6th grade with the same charter online school. My son and I are closer than ever. We laugh at silly things and even make fun at the questions we can’t do or get wrong. I am not throwing pencils on the floor, and we finish on time daily, but I still curse Algebra!