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Haiku poems

I recently learned about Haiku poetry from my son’s English teacher. I am not one for long drawn out projects, but I do love to write. This creative outlet fits me like a glove. I could sit and jot down ideas all day long.

A Haiku is an old form of Japanese poetry that reaches as far back as the 9th century AD. They consist of 3 lines.

The first has 5 syllables

The second has 7 syllables

The last has 5 syllables again.

I found, in examples, that the topic/theme is usually singular. There is little ‘space’ for more than one theme when writing only 3 lines of poetry. Haikus will almost never rhyme.

Here are some that I wrote, just for fun.


Wings direct your sight

Wings direct your sight



I flutter by you

In the morning suns soft light

Wings direct your sight



Lazy old hippos

Lie in their watery home

They have not a care



Foggy mist is eerie

Shadows slinking through its sheets

Hazed appearances


Try some and send them in a comment to this article. They are a lot of fun.