Inscribed by Celeste

Inspired to write

About me

My name is Celeste Wilson, and I write. For as far back as I can remember, I would write things down. I enjoy the freedom of expressing myself in written word. Perhaps my joy is generated by the variety that each new project brings to the page, or the satisfaction I feel when I read something I have created. I enjoy the challenge of research, and the thrill I feel when I find the rhythm of a story, biography or review. It is my gift and I treasure it.

The greatest complement I can received is the trust someone places in me to represent them, an event or their business.  It is a responsibility I take very seriously. I am dedicated to produce my very best for every client, in every project. My writing style is often conversational while including the facts of the topic. I hope to convey the information in an easy to read essay that informs and entertains to ensure that it is remembered.

As a writer I am open to all topics however the majority of my experience is in travel. I have many years experience as a Travel Sales manager, responsible for writing travel itineraries, featured property, destination and activity promotions. I am one of the principle web content writers for, an online travel guide. I also research and write a weekly article for the blog. 

My business experience includes international procurement and airfreight import operations. In both industries I was entrusted with large accounts such as Coca Cola and Daimler Chrysler. My responsibilities included high level global communication with company management and operations staff, often negotiating language barriers.

I can not think of anything I would rather do than to dance my fingers along a keyboard every day.


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